About Us - Upload, Share, Done!

About Us

AN Pix is a very simple yet powerful image hosting website with multiupload feature to upload multiple images at once with gorgeous progress. Our image site makes it easier for those looking to host images to be placed on blogs, forums and in emails. Below are some of our most popular features:

- Multiple file upload.

- Upload from either your computer or from an image URL.

- All popular image types (i.e. GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP) allowed up to 2mb per file.

- Easy copy and pastable thumbnail links, include a link to delete the image at any time.

- Images stay permanently on our server as long as they are accessed once every 30 days.

- No bandwidth caps for the use of our services.

- No need to become a member to utilize the services. Just upload, copy and paste the links

AN Pix is currently in the Beta stages. More options will be coming soon!